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How to pick winners in Horse Racing, Horse Handicapping 101
Picking winners in horse racing is called handicapping. It comes down to taking the information available to you and trying to pick a winner of a horse race. There is surprisingly lots of information to study regarding a horse race. You have the horses prior or past performances to look at and evaluate, as well as a trainer and jockey's record. A horses blodline or pedigree can be an important factor to predict if he/she is likely to have ability on the track.

Factor based handicapping is a method that we suggest works well when handicapping a horse race. This theory involves taking a large swath of different factors that can influence a positive outcome, weighing these factors. Then selecting the horse or horses with the most positive factors to bet on.

Factor #1
Track/Course, Post Position & Distance Factors

Does the horse like the distance today?
an important factor

Has he/she run well previously at today's distance?
is the horse proven at the distance or is he/she untested

Does he/she handle this track/racing surface?
does the horse like this racetrack, does the horse handle turf, dirt, synthetic etc.

Is the horse shipping in to run today?
is the horse shipping in to run today, horses shipping in to run are usually trying to win as there is an added expense to ship a horse to race

Is the horse changing distances today?
many price winners are changing distances, pay attention to changes in distance. front runners that are shortening up in distance and closers that are stretching out are factors to pay attention to as well

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